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Crown Tooth

Multiple dental appointments can really disrupt your schedule. If you need a convenient option for tooth restoration, choose David L. Slough, DDS of San Bernardino. Here, you can get your tooth restored with precision - in a single visit!

Our state-of-the-art CAD software allows us to design every precise detail of your restoration with unequaled accuracy. The software gives us the ability to customize the shape of the restoration so that it fits perfectly and flows with your existing teeth's structure.

Computer aided design

It doesn't get any more efficient than this. Design and production are both done on-site while you wait. After creation by our milling machine, your all-ceramic, color-matched tooth will be ready for placement. It will have the same natural form, function, and beauty that it had before.

On-site production

Here, you'll get access to the incomparable technology offered by CEREC. With CEREC, you can get a new crown or veneer that is digitally designed and created to perfectly match your existing teeth.

Get the results you need with a CEREC restoration

Precision tooth restoration in a single visit

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